Good And Bad Excuses For Missing Work

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Managers won’t typically ask any follow-up questions, but if they do, feel free to make them uncomfortable with the dirty details. But seriously, children are always getting sick, so using this as an excuse works well. “My daycare notified us they are going to close today.” But more times than not, calling into work is due to a hangover, oversleeping, or just wanting to play hooky.

On top of her experience as a copywriter, editor and proofreader, she has also helped companies recruit, screen CVs and interview candidates on the side. With this experience, Angela now enjoys offering tips on career development, freelancing and how to ace job interviews. After obtaining a BA in Media and Communications, she decided to launch her own showbiz-themed website When she isn’t busy blogging, Angela is obsessively catching up with reality TV and listening to the latest music. Consider when other people are likely to request days off as well as your job’s busy season. And then do your best to avoid taking too many days off during those times. Although there’s no federal law requiring that every job grants you vacation time, chances are your employee handbook maps out how and when you can step away.

If you had a flat tire on the way to work, it’s understandable if you won’t be able to make it. However, since a flat tire doesn’t take that long to fix, your employer might not want to give you the entire day off, instead being okay with you showing up late. This excuse doesn’t work if you take public transportation to the office, but if you drive there, it’s a perfectly legitimate reason not to go into work. It doesn’t matter whether you were seriously injured or not – the shock and trauma you suffer as a result of getting in an accident should be enough to get you off work. This is also a perfectly legitimate reason to get off work. If your child or baby is sick, you will need to take care of them, provide them with food, and watch them.

The Good And Common Excuses For Missing Work

Make sure you know what the company policy is for taking time off and be prepared to provide documentation if needed. Let them know how long you anticipate being out of the office and try to keep them updated on the situation. Workflow is impeded by these types of issues, making it difficult for people to get their jobs done.

  • What’s an easy and fun game that doesn’t require any props, that you can play to get to know new people better?
  • Make sure you’re leaving for legitimate reasons, and never lie about the situation.
  • Some absences don’t fall into any of the above categories but can still be considered as acceptable reasons to miss days from work, depending upon the situation.
  • If you’re unable to get your car to the shop for repairs, let your boss know ahead of time and give them an estimate as to how long you’ll be out of work.

Therefore, it’s one of the best excuses to leave work early. Let them know your car didn’t start in the morning, and you are currently bringing it into the shop. Since you don’t have a method to get into work, you can request to stay at home. In my opinion, this is one of the best excuses for being late to work. It’s by far the easiest and most utilized excuse most people use . “My child has been under the weather the last few days, and I was hoping to stay home with them.” This should go without saying, but DO NOT use any kid-related reasons if you don’t have any children.

The Disability Guys Action Plan

A good excuse is one that is relatable, believable, and somewhat honest. You may need to think about why you are avoiding your job so much. Also, if you get caught skipping work for a reason different from the excuse you gave, be honest with your boss. Benjamin Levin is a digital marketing professional with 4+ years of experience with inbound and outbound marketing. He helps small businesses reach their content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising goals.

  • But feel empowered to take time to tend to your needs.
  • Keep in mind that many organizations have bereavement policies that allow you to take a certain amount of paid or unpaid time off without it affecting your standing at work.
  • ‘I couldn’t get out of bed’ or ‘the coffee ran out’ aren’t the best excuses to give when running late for work.
  • It could be a sudden illness, injury from an accident, or another devastating event.

If you’re not sure how much time off you’re allowed to take for partial day absences, check with your employee handbook, supervisor, reasons to call out of work or Human Resources department. Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog.

You may not even be able to read your computer screen without your glasses. If the lenses shatter, and you can’t fix your glasses temporarily with scotch tape, your employer will likely allow you some time off to buy a new pair.

Youre Grieving Or Caring For A Family Member Who Is

However, this excuse is also commonly used even when vehicles are not having trouble. Most employers have strict attendance policiesfor their staff, and those who do not abide by the rules can be subjected to written warnings or even termination. We believe people want to learn to alter money management, so they can enjoy life and money. Take the high road and call your employer as soon as possible to tell them what happened.

what are some good reasons to call out of work

But, there is a reason you are hustling to make more money fast, so you want to keep both opportunities. If you are unhappy in your job, the first step is to schedule a time to talk to your manager about the issues. You may be surprised at how understanding they can be. Bad idea #2 – I just don’t feel like going in today for any reason. If you have been feeling tired and are not well-rested, it is best to explain the circumstances to your manager.

Bad Excuses To Miss Work

Family emergency issues range from taking care of sick parents to getting into unfortunate events such as a fatal accident. Most employers will consider any conditions that makes you unable to perform your job as a reasonable reason for taking sick leave. It’s important to have regular checkups, whether with a general physician, dentist, eye doctor, OBGYN, or other specialist. Don’t be afraid to tell your manager that you have to miss work to take care of these appointments since they are crucial to maintaining your health and wellbeing. You may need to come up with a different excuse if you’re going to be late or want to leave work early. The best excuses for being late to work are simple and common – think weather or traffic.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 40% of workers took a fake sick day during 2017, the most recent year for which data was available. Even if your best buddy is coming into town, if you need to leave for an optional recreational activity, in most companies you would need to take a formal personal day for this. Again, whether or not your boss grants your request to leave early very much depends on how they perceive you as an employee. If the answer is essentially “yes,” then the best reason to give is an honest one.

What Is A Good Last Minute Excuse?

Instead, consider the reason why you’re feeling tired. For example, if you were up all night because you were sick, taking care of a sick child or handling a family emergency, you should explain those circumstances to your employer.

what are some good reasons to call out of work

Glassdoor’s Blog provides valuable content to the conscious job seeker and employees who are passionate about furthering and deepening their careers. You shouldn’t use disappointment with your job as a reason for not going to work. If you use this excuse with your boss, it could lead to serious consequences, such as termination. Similarly, don’t use an argument with a co-worker as a reason for not going to work. If you are unsatisfied or are having problems with a coworker, explain the situation to your boss. Whatever your reason is for requesting leave, either short-term or for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to be upfront and honest about your situation. Try to estimate how much time you need and be sure to update your supervisor if things change.

What Is The Best Excuse To Miss Work?

If you need to call out of work but are apprehensive and wondering what legitimate reasons for doing so are, continue reading. But feel empowered to take time to tend to your needs. Because your health (and your family’s) should come first. If you feel like you’re one of these people, then you’ve come to the right place. Any excuse, from my pet had a seizure to is barking all day, could work. Everybody who has a pet can relate to the pain of hearing about a pet emergency . Most big companies will have an online portal to request days off, as well as a place to formally document the request and its acceptance.

what are some good reasons to call out of work

Feeling sick Calling in sick is a common excuse that many employers do not question. If you’re feeling even the slightest bit under the weather, it’s best not to spread a potential illness to your coworkers. Check in with your boss near the end of the day to provide a health update.

Doctor, Checkup, Therapy, Vehicle Licensing Appointment Or Driving Test

Showing that you take your responsibilities seriously will be appreciated by your employer. Some employees will call off of work to get a break from the stress. Mental health days are often last-minute decisions for employees who want an unplanned day off.

Employment-related activities, such as a job interview if you have been notified of a future layoff at your current employer. Productivity-related requests, including taking your work to a nearby coffee shop or library to focus, or leaving early after staying in the office very late the night before. If it’s a slow week, your request is more likely to be granted. Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation Survey reports that 34% of respondents had taken a sick day when they weren’t actually ill. If your employer has higher standards, then these suggestions are for you. If you choose not to show up AND you don’t give your workplace the common courtesy of calling to let someone know, you are making things difficult for yourself. If you are a bit ill , offer to come in late or leave early, depending on what you think you can manage.

A dry cough, fatigue, and fever are the earliest and most common symptoms of COVID-19. While these typically remain mild and go away independently without treatment, they are also highly contagious. It would be best if you planned to stay home from work until your symptoms pass. Keep in mind that your employer has the legal right to require you to submit to coronavirus testing and have a negative result before you can return to work.