10 Excellent Ways to Secure Your Spring Boot Application

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Consider choosing third-party components and libraries that do not have excessive, one-off dependencies themselves. Perform an inventory audit of your third-party dependencies. Remove unused dependencies, unnecessary features, components, files, and documentation. It’s important to use safe Javascript functions and variable assignments that will not cause XSS if evil Javascript is included in user content. Instead, use safe Javascript functions like createTextNode() and assignments like .textContent, .value and .className, which are all resistant to XSS when passing data between different Javascript functions. HTML sanitization using a library is needed that can parse and sanitize the HTML input both at client and server side. For upgraded systems, latest security features are disabled or not configured securely.

  • In 2005, Pivotal developed the Spring framework, and it’s still very popular today.
  • Implement settings and/or restrictions to limit data exposure in case of successful injection attacks.
  • Combine centralized logging and live monitoring with alerting so you get pinged when something strange happens.
  • While handling JSON data, ensure the Content-Type HTTP header is set to application/json and not text/html so browsers and other clients properly recognize data as JSON.
  • There are multiple ways that Spring can help you avoid mixing data with commands.

As history has proved time and time again, developers do not think carefully enough about how they store their secrets. Cross-Site Request Forgery is an attack that forces a user to execute unwanted actions in an application they’re currently logged into.

Examples Of insufficient Logging

In the interim for organizations that have large deployments of the core Spring Framework or are in use for business critical applications we have validated the following two mitigations. Rapid7 Labs has not yet seen evidence of exploitation in the wild. Any components that meet the above conditions AND are running Tomcat are currently most at risk of being exploited (due to readily available exploit code that is known to work against Tomcat-based apps). Users can also create a bot to either automatically notify resource owners of the existence of the vulnerability or automatically shut down vulnerable instances in their environment. InsightAppSec customers can scan for Spring4Shell with the updated Remote Code Execution attack module released April 1, 2022. For guidance on securing applications against Spring4Shell, read our blog here.

spring boot owasp top 10

If you need to Deserialize an inputstream yourself, you should use an ObjectsInputStream with restrictions. A nice example of this is the ValidatingObjectInputStream from Apache Commons IO. This ObjectInputStream checks whether the object that is deserialized, is allowed or not. A naive implementation of the DefaultHandler and the Java SAX parser, like that seen below, parses this XML file and reveal the content of the passwd file. The Java SAX parser case is used as the main example here but other parsers, like DocumentBuilder and DOM4J, have similar default behavior. One of the possible ways could be that we use these complex ID’s in our backend system, or we can wrap our data fetch logic around some utility class or filter which does this job for each request. In a very basic example, we could write something like below.

Is Java a security risk?

This technique prevents the parameter input from interfering with the SQL code. In this cheatsheet, we discuss 10 common Java security issues. We will give you some pragmatic guidance and examples on how to prevent these common Java security vulnerabilities in the applications you write. So, our hypothetical application has a requirement that the users shall be able to get his data (e.g. financial details).

spring boot owasp top 10

Access controls should enforce the ownership in place, rather than accepting that the user can create, read, update, or delete any record. XML https://remotemode.net/ documents can leverage a Document Type Definition to carefully validate whether a given XML document adheres to a specific XML structure.

Data Curation Foundations

The top 10 is not a standard but a document that is specially helpful for professionals new to web security that ensures minimizing the risks in their web applications. Spring Security brings powerful mechanisms to help you with security and it is important to use them properly. In this post, we’ve only touched the surface of what you can do to make your Spring application more secure. An additional tip would be to invest some of your time into educating your team about what makes an application safer and what pitfalls should be avoided.

  • Being vulnerable to XXE attacks likely means that the application is vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks including the Billion Laughs attack.
  • Keep in mind that it might not be in your application flow today, but at some point, a developer might add additional code that uses a vulnerable path.
  • A task to review and update the configurations appropriate to all security notes, updates, and patches as part of the patch management process.
  • This was one possible type of SQL injection, and a simple solution to resolve the same.
  • A good practice is to store secrets in a vault that can be used to store, provide access to, and even generate credentials to services that your application may use.

If you were used to Spring and lots of XML back in the day, Spring Boot is a breath of fresh air. As a general owasp top 10 java rule, unless the application is using ThymeLeaf, Java/JSP applications can be susceptible to XSS .

The Essential Checklist for Choosing the Best RPA Solution

It is a very secure practice to terminate a session and regenerate the session ID, when a user from a secure to an insecure part of the website. Also, it is good to reissue security tokens during this process. Clearly lay out the roles of different users, and enumerate the resources for which access is approved.

spring boot owasp top 10

Implement settings and/or restrictions to limit data exposure in case of successful injection attacks. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit. Thinks like admin password reset, internal server getting accessed by an external IP or a URL parameter like ‘UNION’, are just a few indicators that something is not ok.